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What Do you need to become an Successful Online Marketing

Online Marketing is one of the best ways, a person can have start a business and start earning income by selling or promoting a product or service on a website, social media page, email, or an online ad using google, facebook, and etc.

A good thing about online marketing there is not much cost up front to get started, and if you have the  right tools and is utilizing them properly you can begin earning money online as little as your first few weeks. But the key word is if done properly, now if you do not know the tools you are going to need to started well this is the right page for your. Because this page will be going over the services and tools that will help you get a good started to you online business.

1. Online Marketing course

If you have never worked in sales or have not done built websites before we highly suggest taking
an online marketing course. Taking a course where you have an instructor to help guide you and your online business down the right path. Because there are so many tools and strategies that will be needed to understood for your business to be successful. In this day 96% of internet businesses fail. So why not learn the strategies of someone who has already gone through the processes and learn their methods then making some slight changes and make their strategies something that works for you and your business.

Here are a few courses week recommend below which we’ve took personally and recommend them for all beginners

Four Percent Group – This course you can learn many way to marketing online with Affiliate marketing, email marketing, list building, eCommerce, and even has a course on how to do your taxes for your business which was a huge help for when we were building our business. Over the shoulder tutorials step by step and all you have to do is follow along no figuring things out. Just follow what the instructor does. Great help for people new to online marketing.

Super Affiliate Systems – Great Course for helping to you learn how to use google, facebook, pin interest,  link in, basically the course goes over how to use many of the largest ad platforms online and learning how to earning income from them. By clicking the link you can sign up for the free webinar to have the instructor explain how the course works.

Zero Hour Work Week – This course was another fun this course teaches you how to use solo ads to help build a solid email list quick using social media to do it.

2. Products

If you are not selling your own product or services sign up with and promoting products from this venders

3. sales page and website

Having a website is the most obvious your are going to need
you need a sales page and a website so your leads or customers
can come view your products and services you are offering.

links to domains and website hosting platforms below

  • hostgator can be used to purchase a domain/ and build a website using wordpress
  • namecheap can be used to purchase a domain/ and build a website using wordpress
  • bluehost can be used to purchase a domain/ and build a website using wordpress
  • weebly – With Weebly there is no coding required mostly drag and drop. Weebly can provide you a subdomain to use. But We recommend first buying your domain from weebly
  • greengeeks can be used to purchase a domain/ and build a website using wordpress
  • ClickFunnels – Like Weebly this is requires no code to get started you can try click funnels for free for 14 days buy clicking link here

4. Autoresponder

You need a autoresponder to help you with being able to build an email list

using an email autoresponder services is probably other the the website the most important next
to you products and having your website/sales page.
You need to be able to stay in contact with your customers and leads.

Let say you built an mailing list of over 1000 people, you will need a autoresponders services
because you wont be able to send mass emails out to 1000 people using gmail, hotmail, yahoo emails, and etc

using an autoresponder service they have the ability to send out mass emails to your customers with no issues
because they have the licenses and technology to do so.

Now the last thing you are going to need if you are going to start an online business is the right mindset to get started. A lot of people go into this and treat it like a hobby and its far from this is something that can serious change you life, if done properly which is why we suggested the courses we posted. I want to thank everyone who has read this posting on Online Marketing and the tools needed I pray the tools and service will help all of you achieve your goal to having an successful online business



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